Patient's Rights

1. Receive a kind, dignified and considerate treatment by the staff of the Institution without discrimination.

2. Receive clear and timely information on administrative conditions, prior consent to be processed and requirements for the performance of examinations.

3. Receive preferential care in the case of pregnant women, adults over 65 years of age, children under 2 years of age and persons with disabilities

4. To accept or refuse the performance of the defined examinations or procedures except when their health or that of the community is at risk.

5. To have means or channels of communication that allow them to express their needs, concerns and/or complaints.

6. Receive confidential, reliable and timely results. According to our service portfolio.

7. To freely choose the physician or health professional with whom you feel confident for your care and to request a second opinion if deemed necessary.

8. To be accompanied by a guardian to procedures in the case of minor patients, persons with disabilities and adults over 65 years of age.

9. Define voluntarily whether or not to participate in clinical research conducted by scientifically qualified personnel.

Duties of Patients and their Families

1. Treat with kindness and respect to health personnel and other service users.

2. Present identity document or identify their identification status in the case of being a foreigner.

3. Fully comply with the preparation instructions and recommendations prior to the performance of diagnostic tests.

4. Provide truthful and complete clinical and administrative information required by staff for care.

5. To respect the schedules and requirements established for medical care, taking of tests and delivery of results.

6. Take care of personal items and physical resources of the institution during their stay in the service.

7. Comply with the recommendations provided by health professionals subsequent to the provision of the service.

8. Refrain from smoking and/or consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises.

9. Verify that your personal data, tests requested, sample collection containers and results match the procedure performed.

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